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Manufacturing Capabilities

For the last 20 years, Whiting has designed and manufactured custom laminated panels, doors and assemblies. Our products can be found on light rail vehicles, subway cars, cruise ships, workboats, surface combatants, and military vehicles across North America and beyond.

We distinguish ourselves with:

  • High quality workmanship
  • Long term durability and superior performance
  • Application based design expertise
  • Fast, flexible responses to your questions and requests

Our experienced staff is prepared to meet the requirements of cost conscious consumers who demand a quality-oriented supplier. Whiting maintains complete fabrication facilities including 4 complete laminating lines and a fully equipped machine shop. Whiting is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has an internal Quality Management System, in addition to participating in both internal and independent external audits.

Industry Certifications and Testing Specifications


A full time lab is in place for daily product testing. In addition to internal product tests, Whiting is also fully equipped to complete all of the commonly requested customer specified product testing.

Test Performed Per Spec
Dry Shear Test NRPC Sp#648 8.1 ( MTA NYC Doc. 3064-matl-99)
Flat Tension Test ASTM C297-94 (MIL-STD-401B-5.1.6)
Flat Compression Test ASTM C365-00 (MIL-STD-401B-5.1.4)
Edgewise Tension Test ASTM C273-00 (MIL-STD-401B-5.1.5)
Edgewise Compression Test ASTM C364-99 (MIL-STD-401B-5.2.1)
Beam Flex test (Picture Below) ASTM C393-00 (MIL-STD-401B-5.2.4)
Climbing Drum Test ASTM D1781-98 (MIL-STD-401B-5.2.6) (NRPC Sp 4648 8-2)
48 Hour Soak Test (Followed by Shear or Tension Test) NRPC Sp# 648 8.1
3 Hour Boil test (followed by Shear or Tension Test) NRPC Sp# 648 8.1
Navy Door Cycle Slam Test NAVSEA Dwg# 805-4629248 Note #5
200,000 Cycle Slam Test
Adhesive Bond Test Mil Std 401B


ABS Type Approval – For Aluminum Honeycomb with decorative laminate
Coast Guard Approved - For Class C Panels
E-119 Fire Test - For Plymetal Panels
ANSI/ASTM E162 Surface Flammability Standard for Laminated Honeycomb Panels
ANSI/ASTM E662 Standard for Specific Optical Density of Smoke
SMP800-C Toxic Gas Generation Test
Boeing Standard BSS 7239 For Toxic Gas Generation
IMO Solas MSC 61(67) Fire Test Procedures Code
IMO Res. A 653(16) Surface Spread of Flame requirements
NFPA-130 Standard requirements