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The revolutionary all-steel sandwich panel that increases strength and reduces weight for applications where strong but light weight panels are required.

Lighter, Stronger, and Smarter!

airCELL is a breakthrough in fabrication technology with these 5 benefits:

  1. Reduced Weight
    airCELL's patented core is lighter and stronger than traditional solid core materials.
  2. Increased Strength
    airCELL's core is a unique embossed sheet with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It's stronger, lighter, and will stay flat without bulging – ever.
  3. Greener
    No petrochemicals in the airCELL core or faces, so it's immune from swings in the cost of oil or chemical components . . . and is 100% recyclable.
  4. Cost Competitive
    airCELL is a cost effective alternative to traditional honeycomb for reducing weight without sacrificing performance. Ask us for specs.
  5. Corrosion
    The Whiting airCELL panel utilizes two face sheets and a corrugated core sheet, all of which are bonded together under heat and pressure with an aerospace-grade structural adhesive. The outer skins and corrugated core sheet are hot-dipped galvanized steel and treated with zinc phosphate prior to adding an epoxy primer to the surfaces. This multi-step treatment is specifically aimed at preventing corrosion from occurring within the panel.
    A high-grade epoxy top coat is added to the exterior skins to complete the anti-corrosion package. Independently conducted ASTN Salt Spray and GMW Cyclical Corrosion testing show extremely favorable results.
  6. Made in the USA
    airCELL panels are manufactured by Whiting, a leading supplier to the transportation industry and recognized leaders in quality and reliability.

airCELL's secret is its honeycomb-like steel core.

Pattern and depth can be engineered to best suit your application and requirements.
Steel face sheets available in a variety of gauges in both galvanized and pre-painted surfaces.
All surfaces are zinc and epoxy protected against corrosion.
Variety of edge close-outs or gaskets are available or can be designed to your application.
Aerospace-grade structural adhesive system able to withstand wide temperature and application ranges.
Bonding process produces consistent adhesion and creates flat panel surfaces.

airCELL Panels

Face sheets add strength and stiffness when bonded to the airCELL core
Aerospace-grade adhesive and bonding process
Honeycomb-like steel core creates very high strength-to-weight properties

airCELL's embossed light-gauge steel core is a honeycomblike layer with very high strength-to-weight properties.