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7181HBR - Hinged Bottom Roller Bracket

Maximize Door Opening Height

With its pivoting arm, the Hinged Bottom Roller Bracket increases your opening clearance by allowing the bottom panel to move safely up and inside the header.
This allows for more freight per load, optimizing the payload of each trailer.

Minimize Damage

With the bottom door panel tucked up and away from the opening, the possibility of damage is greatly reduced.This cost-effective system can easily be retrofitted to
existing doors or ordered on new equipment.

Product Features:

  • Bracket allows bottom panel to pivot up and away from door opening, maximizing effective opening height
  • Improves operational safety while minimizing damage
  • Cable stop prevents damage to cables and cable drums
  • E-coated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Easily installed on most Whiting Premium Door systems
  • Compatible with one or two inch track and single or dual spring balancers

The System

Part Number    Door Type
7181HBR           All 3/4" Dry Freight Doors
7181HBR-1        ColdSaver
7181HBR-2        1/2" Premium Plate
7181HBR-3        Hinged Truss II
7181HBR-4        TempGuard
7181HBR-5        1/4" Premium Plate

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