Railcar Products


  Whiting Railcar Products

From full interior packages to refurbishment replacements, Whiting manufactures an extensive range of products for the railcar industry.  Ideal for subway cars, rapid transit cars, people movers and more, Whiting railcar products can be customized to fit your unique project.  Many constructions are available to fit the specific needs of your application, including plymetal, honeycomb, and composite panel sets.  Our engineering and design staff work closely with our customers to ensure that our products are built and tested according to customer specifications and industry standards. With Whiting, you get World Class Quality… Made in the U.S.A.

Light Rail Ceiling Panels
 Whiting ceiling panels recently installed in a light rail vehicle interior.  Panels are composed of decorative aluminum melamine facings and lightweight aluminum honeycomb core.

  Honeycomb Railcar Interiors

Featuring aluminum honeycomb cores, Whiting’s panels provide a lightweight, non-combustible solution for railcar interiors.  Whiting panels are available with a number of different facing options and can be utilized for railcar ceilings, cab walls, doors, partition assemblies and more. Panel facings include decorative melamine and laminate sheets available in many different patterns and colors.
Our hot press adhesion process bonds facing materials to aluminum honeycomb core, ensuring that our railcar interior panels are flat, smooth, and within industry tolerances.  State of the art CNC routers enable Whiting to consistently manufacture honeycomb carsets within very strict sizing specifications and cosmetic tolerances.  Our rigorous inspection process ensures panel sets are ready for a trouble-free fit and installation.  Whiting honeycomb railcar interior panels meet the NFPA-130 Standard requirements.



Aluminum honeycomb with   
decorative laminate facing   


                           Close up of ceiling panels    
 installed in light rail vehicle    


  Plymetal Railcar Interiors

Primarily used for railcar subflooring, Whiting’s plymetal panel sets are a cost effective railcar construction option.  Stainless steel sheets are laminated to 7 ply premium grade Group 1 Douglas Fir plywood providing product longevity and durability.  Both fire retardant and rot resistant plywood are available.  T304 series stainless steel facings are available from .016 to .040. 
Whiting plymetal railcar flooring panels are sealed to prevent moisture to meet industry requirements.  Our plymetal panel edges can either be hermetically sealed with an intumescent fireproof sealant, or soldered to form fully encased edges.

Both shiplapped and straight joints are available.  Whiting plymetal flooring panels are bonded with water resistant adhesives and all panels meet bond requirements as defined in and test data in C278, C297 and C393. Whiting plymetal panels meet fire and smoke requirements of the E-119 fire test, as well as E-84, E-162 and E662 as confirmed by independent laboratory tests.


Exterior grade Douglas fir
plywood faced two sides and
edged with stainless steel. 
Can also be sealed with
intumescent paint.